The Tapered Planter updates any indoor or outdoor design space instantly for the 21st century.
Use this refined planter for lining walkways and accenting or creating structural elements in your design.

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  • corten-steel-planter

    Corten Steel Planter

    Available in sizes ranging from 29” to 41” in height, this contemporary piece features a stylish tapered design and a 1-inch raised base for added visual interest.

    Perfect for lining walkways, accenting spaces, or introducing structural elements into your design, this refined planter effortlessly enhances any environment.

    Customize your Tapered Planter to suit your needs with optional drainage holes, allowing for seamless integration into both indoor and outdoor settings. With a range of sizing options available, you can handpick the perfect look and feel for your space. Redefine your décor with the timeless elegance of the Tapered Planter today.

  • l-shape-corten-steel-planter-rusty finish

    L Shape Corten Steel Rusty Finish Planter

    Crafted from durable Corten steel, this planter boasts a distinctive rusty patina that develops over time, enhancing its natural appeal and creating a unique focal point in any garden or patio.

    With its L-shaped design, this planter offers versatility in placement, perfect for framing entrances, defining boundaries, or adding dimension to outdoor seating areas.

    Built to withstand the elements, our Corten steel planter is weather-resistant and built to last, ensuring years of enjoyment with minimal maintenance required.

  • rectangular steel planter-with-rusty-finish-durable-corten-steel

    Rectangular Durable Corten Steel Planter

    The unique Corten steel construction develops a rich rusted patina over time, adding character and depth to your garden or patio while also providing long-lasting durability and resistance to the elements.

    Whether used as a standalone piece or grouped together to create a cohesive look, our Rectangular Corten Steel Planter is sure to make a statement in any outdoor setting. Elevate your garden design with the timeless elegance of Corten steel today.

  • round metal planter

    Round Metal Planter

    Lightweight, durable, and rustproof. Available in various sizes and colors, they’re versatile for any space. Perfect for entries, patios, or as focal points. Plus, they’re eco-friendly. Redefine your space effortlessly.

  • square corten steel planter

    Square Corten Steel Planter

    Crafted from premium-grade Corten steel, this planter boasts exceptional strength and resilience against the elements, ensuring longevity even in harsh weather conditions.With its anti-weather properties, this Corten steel planter will develop a striking rusted patina over time, enhancing its natural appeal and adding character to your outdoor space.