40L Wooden Slate Liter Bin

Featuring an outer layer of sleek wooden slats enveloping a robust inner galvanized steel bin, these bins redefine waste disposal in style. With a voluminous 40L capacity and dimensions of D450 H700 for the wooden variant and D350 H450 for the galvanized steel bin, they offer ample space for efficient waste management. Crafted from durable hot galvanized steel plate and high-quality wooden slats, these bins exude durability and sophistication. Finished with a protective painting coat, they not only enhance your space’s visual appeal but also ensure long-lasting performance. Elevate your waste disposal experience with our Papeleras, where craftsmanship meets innovation.

Dimension: D450 H700 (Wooden)
D350 H450 (Gavanized steel bin)
Material:Hot galvanized steel plate and wooden slats
Finish: Painting


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