Street Lighting Pole Base North America

Could been customized accrediting to drawing

Finish:powder coating

Tolerance: ±0.1 mm


CX Lighting Pole base

  • Tailored to Specifications: Sand casting allows for the production of aluminum street lighting pole bases according to precise drawings and specifications. This ensures that the final product meets the exact requirements of the project.
  • Smooth Finish: Sand casting can achieve a smooth surface finish, especially when using high-quality molding sands and proper casting techniques.
  • Foundry Know-How: As a foundry specializing in sand casting, our team has experience and expertise in the intricacies of this manufacturing process, ensuring quality and consistency in the produced aluminum street lighting pole bases.
  • Quality Control Measures: Implementing rigorous quality control measures during the sand casting process ensures that the final products meet industry standards and client expectations.


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