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  • liter bin

    38L Galvanized Steel Liter Bin

    Sleek and functional liter bin, designed for efficiency and durability. With a generous volume of 38L, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas. Crafted from hot galvanized steel pipe and plate, it ensures long-lasting performance. The powder coating finish adds a touch of style while enhancing its resistance to wear and tear. Its dimensions of 410x320x1470 make it compact yet spacious enough to accommodate your waste disposal needs. Upgrade your space with this reliable and stylish liter bin today.

  • wooden slate liter bin

    40L Wooden Slate Liter Bin

    Featuring an outer layer of sleek wooden slats enveloping a robust inner galvanized steel bin, these bins redefine waste disposal in style. With a voluminous 40L capacity and dimensions of D450 H700 for the wooden variant and D350 H450 for the galvanized steel bin, they offer ample space for efficient waste management. Crafted from durable hot galvanized steel plate and high-quality wooden slats, these bins exude durability and sophistication. Finished with a protective painting coat, they not only enhance your space’s visual appeal but also ensure long-lasting performance. Elevate your waste disposal experience with our Papeleras, where craftsmanship meets innovation.

  • papelera cric

    50L Liter Bin

    With a spacious volume of 50L and dimensions measuring 480x370x885, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas requiring efficient waste management solutions. Crafted from durable hot galvanized steel pipe and plate, this bin is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The sleek powder coating finish not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides added protection against corrosion. With its modern design and sturdy construction, the Papelera Cric seamlessly combines style and functionality to meet your waste disposal needs with ease.

  • papelera barcelona


    Crafted from durable hot galvanized steel pipe and plate, this liter bin is not only sturdy but also allows for efficient drainage, ensuring water effortlessly cascades off its surface. With a generous volume of 58L and dimensions measuring 480x370x885, it’s perfect for high-traffic areas requiring frequent waste disposal. The powder coating finish enhances its sleek appearance while providing added protection against corrosion.

  • corten-steel-planter

    Corten Steel Planter

    Available in sizes ranging from 29” to 41” in height, this contemporary piece features a stylish tapered design and a 1-inch raised base for added visual interest.

    Perfect for lining walkways, accenting spaces, or introducing structural elements into your design, this refined planter effortlessly enhances any environment.

    Customize your Tapered Planter to suit your needs with optional drainage holes, allowing for seamless integration into both indoor and outdoor settings. With a range of sizing options available, you can handpick the perfect look and feel for your space. Redefine your décor with the timeless elegance of the Tapered Planter today.

  • cast-iron-lamp-post

    CX001-006 Villa Street Lamp Pole

    Material:Ductile iron Technique: Sand casting Street lighting pole Height: CX001   H230 CX002  H300 CX003  H320 CX004 H360 CX005  H360 CX006  H400 Accept OEM

  • h3.6m-lighting-pole

    CX007 H3.6m lamp post

    Cast iron is known for its exceptional durability. Lamp posts made from cast iron can withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and UV exposure, without corroding or deteriorating.

  • cx 008 h4.15m lamp post

    CX008 H4.15m Lamp Post

    Colour: black Material: cast iron lighting pole Weight: 210 KGS Surface: black painting Size: H 415 CM Style: Spanish style Use : street cast iron lighting pole Certificate: ISO9002

  • CX009 H4.315m Lamp Post

    Material:Ductile cast iron Technology: Sand casting Height: H4.315m Weight: 225kgs  

  • cx010 h3.2m decorative light pole

    CX010 H3.67m Lighting Pole

    Type: Classic street light pole Height: 3.67m Weight: 170kgs Material: ductile iron  

  • cx010 h3.2m decorative light pole

    CX011 H3.2m Pole

    Used in the square, garden , street,and public project

  • cx012 h3.2m garden pole

    CX012 H3.2m Garden Pole

    Outdoor cast iron street lighting pole garden lamp post H3.2m 130kgs Foundry China, Cast iron, cast aluminum OEM&ODM

  • cx013 h3.2m cast iron post

    CX013 H3.2m Cast Iron Post

    CX013 H3.2m Cast Iron Post Garden Street Decorative Lamps Lights Cast Iron Lamp Outdoor Antique Cast Iron Light Poles  

  • decorative lamp post

    CX014 lamp post H400cm

    Material:Ductile iron Technique: Sand casting Height: H400cm Weight:280kgs Accept OEM

  • cxb001 2m ductile iron garden bench

    CXB001 Ductile Iron Urban Furniture Bench

    Ductile Iron Urban Furniture Bench Dimension: 530x800x2000mm Weight: 115/90kgs surface treatment :powder coating

  • cxb002 cast iron bench

    CXB002 Cast Iron Bench

    Cast Iron Bench for park Street furniture bench Mobiliario urbano Dimension: 570x900x1950mm Weight:110kgs Finish: Powder coating/black painting